Amherst Pet Grooming offers personalized attention & experienced care

Amherst Pet Grooming  was founded in 1993 by owner Debbie Schmitt who has over 20 years experience in grooming dogs. Amherst Pet Grooming offers styling, nail clipping, bathing, flea bathing, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and many other grooming services.

Generally we know and trust our own personal hair stylist, and our dogs should have the same experience with their dog groomer. As the owner at Amherst Pet Grooming I am the only groomer, where I give personal attention to each dog and they learn to know and trust me.

With personal care for every dog that comes in for grooming, I develop an individual relationship with each dog over time which builds a trust between me and your dog, providing your dog more comfort. I feel that dogs need very individual care as they each have their own personality.  Generally, well behaved dogs are not caged. Once the grooming is complete, the dogs may roam a secure section of the store unless a client requests a different arrangement.

I handle mostly small dogs and don’t accept those heavier than 90 lbs.

Normally, the dogs are dropped off between 8 and 10 a.m. and can be picked up between 1 and 3 p.m.; however, alternate arrangements can be made.

Amherst Pet Grooming is open Tuesday through Friday, and clients are asked to call (716)639-4946 to make an appointment.